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Shell’s presence at WETEX 2012 raises awareness of the need to use less and emit less, in addition to finding innovative replacements for carbon-based liquid fuels by providing customers with fuel and lubricant solutions that promise to save on energy, cost and the environment.

Dubai, UAE, 19 March – In line with His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s, Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, initiative “Green Economy For Sustainable Development”, Shell’s work on developing environmentally friendly lubricants and commercial fuels that save on energy, engine life, and cost were showcased at this year’s Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX).

Speaking at the event, Belinda Perriman, Upstream Commercial Manager for Shell in the UAE, said “climate change is a major challenge affecting the whole world. The related challenge in the UAE and wider GCC is to meet the growing local demand for energy with lower emissions.

Increased exploration and development of indigenous gas, which is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, will reduce the burning of valuable higher carbon liquid fuels, such as diesel and fuel-oil, for power.” Along these lines, Shell is pioneering Gas to Liquid (GTL) fuel solutions using the world's largest gas-to-liquids plant in Qatar, which it built in partnership with Qatar Petroleum.

Going beyond the need to explore alternative energy sources, Shell also develops products that optimize existing fuels and lubricants allowing customers to decrease their environmental footprint.

Among these products is Shell Mysella XL – a high-performance gas-engine oil which combines an extremely long oil life with excellent engine protection, resulting in cost savings through reduced oil use and extended maintenance intervals.

The same is found in Shell Diesel Extra, an  innovative transport fuel that is designed to help customers get more kilometres per tank by helping engines perform in peak condition and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Shell Diesel Extra contains special cleansing agents designed to prevent deposit build-up in the engine and  help lower overall fuel consumption by up to 3%* when compared with regular diesel fuel.

In a world of increasing energy demand, intelligent choices need to be made to meet the growing need for both power generation and use of smarter, more environmentally responsible products. Shell, with a 60-year history of innovation in the region, strives to discover viable options that are cleaner, more flexible and cost effective thereby using less and emitting less.