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Shell Diesel Extra - good news for logistic businesses in UAE

Shell in the UAE is offering smarter products to contribute to transport industry growth in the field of Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Quality.

The global demand for energy is rising against a tight economic environment.  According to Shell’s Energy Scenario data – forecasts expect the global transport fuel demand to rise by 45% from 2006 to 2030.

In the UAE, transport sector consumption contributes to around 90% of the total Diesel demand in the country (according to Woodmackenzie). The demand in the sector is expected to increase at an average growth of 4% per annum  due to the growth in cargo trade and the development of a logistic hub for Middle East and Africa (based on our own assessment).

Given the challenges of the rising demand, UAE transport companies need to be leaner and more efficient, hence a key need for them is to optimize and reduce operating costs, with fuel costs being a major part of a company’s fleet operating expenditure.

‘All this resonates with Shell’s approach to respond to the energy and mobility challenge through Smarter Mobility – smarter products, smarter use and smarter infrastructure’ commented Richard Jory, Shell’s LSDR (Local Senior Downstream Representative) in UAE.

Mr. Amr Adel, Cluster General Manager for Fuels & Lubes  adds, “Shell in the UAE is at the forefront of providing such solutions to its customers and the latest example is the launch of Shell Diesel Extra last year, a unique formulation from Shell, designed to help transport and construction companies improve their fleet’s operating efficiency through a number of benefits – lower fuel consumption, reduced fall-off in engine performance, corrosion protection through a powerful corrosion inhibitor, reduced foaming for faster and cleaner refuelling, and last but not the least, lower CO2 emissions and smoke.”

With many customers worldwide already experiencing the benefits of Shell Diesel Extra, Shell is delighted to be able to offer this product to the dynamic UAE market – a sign of its ongoing commitment to help customers access quality fuels from a global leader in fuels innovation. Designed to help Transport & Construction businesses to get the most of their transport vehicles, it will help them become leaner and more efficient than ever.

Further validating the benefits of Shell Diesel Extra, a new world standard in truck fuel efficiency has been recently set up by Daimler, with the help of Shell Diesel Extra and fuel-saving heavy-duty engine oil Shell Rimula R6 LME.

The new Mercedes-Benz Actros Euro V and Actros Euro VI demonstrated their improved fuel consumption versus the current Actros MP3 Euro V (which set the fuel consumption world record for 40 tonne trucks in 2008 ) achieving fuel savings of 7.6% (25,1l/100km on average) and 4.5% (25,9l/100km on average) respectively versus the Actros MP3 (27,1l/100km on average). The test was overseen by DEKRA, the German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association.

Government Initiatives

The above initiative aligns with the UAE Government’s stand on the environmental front where it has been aggressively adopting more energy-efficient systems and technologies as part of its long-term socioeconomic strategy. These environmental & quality related initiatives by the government will drive the demand for more efficient technologies.

To capitalize on these developments, it’s very important for transporters and owners of machinery & equipment to work with reliable, quality suppliers, who can support them in maximizing the return on their investments and extend their life. Shell in the UAE aspires to be such a partner to its customers -  fleet operators and OEM representatives, and to contribute to transport industry growth in the field of Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Quality.

This includes offering innovative products and service solutions to give our customers a competitive edge, reliability and ‘ease of doing business with’ including reliable deliveries, professional customer service, expert fuel quality advice and HSSE support.


*Internal Shell tests in heavy-duty engines used in road transport vehicles have shown fuel savings of up to 3% compared to regular diesel without fuel economy formula.

1In 2008, Daimler's Mercedes-Benz Actros (MP3), set a Guinness world record in Nardo in Italy also using Shell FuelSave Diesel and Shell Rimula R6 LME. In perfect conditions on a track it was found to be the most fuel-efficient 40-tonne truck in the world.