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As the public face of the company, our people have always had a central role to play in developing relationships in the UAE and beyond.

We are also acutely aware of our responsibilities to the people of the UAE, which is why we are deeply committed to developing the country’s human resources, including an increasing number of UAE nationals. By training and empowering our staff, we believe that everyone can be a winner – Shell, our partners and stakeholders, and the country as a whole.

We draw upon the varied skills of its 500 multi-national staff in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to uphold its excellent reputation for world-class technological solutions. We are proud to say that this diversity really is our strength.

We recognise the benefits that come from our staff in the UAE, too. Every year Shell organises a Diversity & Inclusiveness Day to celebrate the kaleidoscope of cultures, ideas and opinions which all add up to a happy, more productive work environment throughout the company.