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The Shell Better Environnent Awards (BEA) is a continuous scheme sponsored and run by Shell in the UAE with the support of the Ministry of Education and along with other Environmental Agencies in the UAE, such as the Federal Environment Agency, ERWDA and the Enviornmental Department of the UAE Municipalities.

The program is open to all schools in the UAE (private & public), for students between the ages of 14-18. The scheme intends to encourage teamwork so there must be a minimum of 4 students for each application.

The competition is split into 3 categories; Atmospheric Pollution Campaign and the aim of that is to raise the level of awareness in the community and should be focusing on topics like Air Quality in urban areas, trans-boundary air pollution and Global air pollution.

second category is Environmental Awareness campaign and this focuses on topics like recycling, preservatio of natural resources, ccleanliness, preservation if flora & fauna and other environmental problems, while the third category focuses on Environmental Field study which is split into 5 categories covering either Desert, Mountain, Wadi, Coastline and Farmland.

The Environmental Field Study has been designed for educational institutions and students wishing to take their participation of environmental studies more seriously and for students to have a higher level of involvement with their environment.