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In the UAE, Shell has operated in the bulk fuels market since 1957. We currently supply billions of litres of aviation and commercial fuels annually.

Leveraging our leading fuels technology and expertise, we offer our customers innovative solutions that can raise their operational efficiency, reduce fuel related costs and lower their energy footprint.

Shell Diesel Extra

In the road transport business, where vehicles and associated costs are a high proportion of overall spend, it is imperative to keep vehicles and their engines in peak condition for as long as possible.

In UAE, Shell has introduced Shell Diesel Extra to help commercial fleet operators save fuel, help their engines operate more efficiently and help lower their fleet’s fuel related carbon footprint.

Shell Diesel Extra uses Shell’s advanced fuel technology, which has been designed to improve engine efficiency by preventing deposit build up in injector nozzles.

 Shell Diesel Extra can help you to:

  • Save fuel by up to 3%*;
  • Reduce fall-off in engine performance;
  • Prevent fuel system corrosion;
  • Reduce foaming when refuelling; and
  • Lower CO2 emissions and smoke.

*Over the lifetime of the vehicle compared to regular diesel without fuel economy formula. May vary by truck/vehicle.

What customers say

Shell Diesel Extra comes to UAE with a proven track record for fuel efficiency.

In Europe, Shell’s partnership with Daimler, the world’s largest supplier of trucks, resulted in a new world record for fuel efficiency. Daimler’s most economical truck, the New Mercedes-Benz Actros, powered by Shell fuels and lubricants, managed to use as little as 19.44 litres of fuel per 100km in perfect conditions.

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Shell Diesel Extra for Construction

Shell Diesel Extra for Construction

Caterpillar Inc. is the world’s leading producer of construction machinery and distributes its high performance machinery worldwide through a global network of dealers. In Austria, Caterpillar is represented by Zeppelin Austria. Zeppelin Austria tested the impact of New Shell Diesel on dirty nozzles in a field trial in Austria, in which the nozzles of a chain dredger 323D were taken out, inspected and reinstalled unchanged.

In a field trial with Caterpillar construction equipment, Zeppelin Austria Caterpillar’s representative in Austria, has achieved an impressive fuel saving of 8.8% on with New Shell Diesel (the local brand of Shell Diesel Extra in Austria).


Call our local Sales representative to find out more about how Shell Diesel Extra can help your business.