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Heavy duty diesel engine oils for the harshest conditions.

The Shell Rimula family of heavy duty diesel engine oils has been developed to provide you with exactly the right engine lubrication solutions to match the needs of your business - helping you control costs and increase profitability.

The Rimula family delivers this promise through value-added performance oils such as fully synthetic Rimula Ultra and premium protection Rimula Super. These allow operators to extend engine life in severe duty and to reduce costs via optimised maintenance scheduling and fuel economy performance. Complementing these are quality oils such as Rimula X and Rimula D, to cost-effectively meet the needs of a wide range of on and off-highway applications.

Through continual innovation, we at Shell are dedicated to increasing the value of the Rimula family of engine oils for our customers. To this end, we are constantly evaluating it against both the needs of your operations and against the requirements of changing engine technology.

For example, Rimula Super, Shell's biggest-selling heavy duty diesel engine oil for commercial road transport and public transport operators, has now been reformulated to deliver the enhanced performance demanded by the latest low emission technologies found in Euro 3 engines.

Rimula takes heavy duty engine lubrication to new levels of performance, giving you one worldwide family of hardworking oils to protect your engines in all conditions. Rimula products work together with the Shell Spirax range of world-class gear and axle oils, and the Shell Retinax portfolio of wheel bearing and specialist automotive greases, to protect your entire drivetrain.


Rimula Ultra 10W-40

Ultimate Protection for European and Japanese Engines

Developed in close co-operation with Europe's leading engine makers, and with extensive on-road testing and laboratory evaluation, Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30 and 10W-40 never compromise engine life - even at world-beating oil-drain intervals of over 100,000km, ensuring performance, reliability and the most cost-efficient operation.

Ground-breaking technology

Rimula Ultra's unique chemistry has become the standard for heavy duty diesel engine oil, and is chosen by leading European makers for factory-filling.

Fuel Economy Performance

One of Europe's leading dedicated fuel economy heavy duty diesel engine oils, Rimula Ultra 5W-30 offers exceptional protection, performance and fuel-saving capabilities, demonstrated over millions of kilometres of customers' operation.

Performance Under Stress

Rimula Ultra's unique formulation guarantees top quality engine protection.

Maximum Flexibility for Maximum Profitability

Giving increased engine reliability in the latest Euro 2 and Euro 3 trucks, Rimula Ultra cuts maintenance time and costs and maximises maintenance schedule flexibility.

Rimula Ultra XT 5W-40

Rimula Ultra XT is a specifically developed fully synthetic forumlation optimised for American engine designs from Caterpillar, Cummins, Mack, Detroit Diesel and others.

It has long-life performance recognised and approved by Mack and Cummins, and has been extensively developed in demanding road tests here in Australia.

Rimula Ultra XT provides ultimate protection and offers exceptional fuel economy and longer oil drain.

Rimula Super 15W-40


Rimula Super, Shell's premium long-life oil, is the biggest selling oil to the European transport industry and is chosen by many commercial road transport, bus and coach fleet operators to maximise the balance between extended service intervals, maintenance optimisation and cost.

Premium Protection

Rimula Super's premium protection in severe duty operation is preferred in international haulage, and in the harsh stop-start of city and

inter-city bus operations. It provides robust protection even with variable sulphur-level fuels, offering you no-compromise heavy duty diesel performance and protection.

High Technology - New Formulation

Originally developed for the first generation of emission-controlled engines, and reformulated in 1998 for the Euro 2/US 98 low emission engines, Rimula Super is now further improved to protect against the severe oil stress experienced in the latest generation of engines (Euro 3, US 2002). For these engines that feature exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and other advanced emissions control technology, Rimula Super offers improved oil life, superior wear protection and soot-dispersancy.

Global Leadership

Newly reformulated Rimula Super not only exceeds the latest specifications from Europe - ACEA E5, and the USA (CI-4); it also exceeds the requirements of the "Global DHD-1" performance level, as defined by the world's leading engine makers.

Saving you money

Shell Rimula Super's exclusive new formulation offers improved added value for fleet customers through oil-drain flexibility, in combination with the performance required for the latest high tech emissions-controlled diesel engines. Rimula Super also provides an improved critical safety margin for high severity operations that ensures you stay on the road.

Rimula X 15W-40


Shell Rimula X is one of the world's bestselling diesel engine oils - with a reputation for rugged, hardworking performance. This reputation is built on millions of litres over millions of kilometres protecting European, American and Japanese engines.

Rimula X has a new formualtion which gives even better wear protection and longer oil life. It provides robust and dependable engine cleanliness and wear protection, works with a wide range of fuel sulphur levels and helps maintain operational efficiency without compromises.


The versatility of Rimula X has made it one of the world's leading oils for trucks, buses and tractors. Recognised and approved by a wide range of OEMs, it is suitable for both light/medium duty applications and heavy duty construction and mining equipment by Komatsu and other makers.

Helping your business

Rimula X offers heavy duty engine protection, delivering legendary, robust, rugged performance that you and your truck, tractor or bus depend on.